Meet the Team

Professionals with more than 10 years of gaming industry

The KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR team consists of those who have more than 10 years of experience in the Web2 gaming industry. Our team was set up in 2022 Q2 to create a user-friendly Web3 game that focuses on the essential fun of the game.

Heroes War team had no choice but to operate the game conservatively because the typical service of Web2 games is simplified and the system is closely related to paying. And therefore, most web2 game companies had to have a one-sided economic structure that forced users to consume in order to continue their game services, within a simple BM consisting of a company's sales and customer purchases. In the process, users can have fun, but if the service is closed due to the pressure of sales, there is a poor situation where the efforts are fading out. So, the Heroes War team concluded that the decentralized economy allows users to enjoy games and create value with NFT and tokens, rather than services only for game companies' sales, thereby entering the Web3 market with this belief that users and we can create high-quality service together under the token economy.

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