This whitepaper can be changed at any time without notice. Records of changes and distributions are disclosed in the rule but do not have legal force due to providing general information only. KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR and related parties hold no responsibility for the whitepaper and for matters connected to it and do not guarantee the accuracy or integrality of this whitepaper. If some of the risks below come as a big issue, it could affect the commercial viability of the KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR project. If it becomes serious, project and token development could be stopped or closed service.

This whitepaper summarizes the core of KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR. It is made to provide detailed information to those who wish to participate in the project and is not a document for investment recommendation.

  • Token-related risk $KID was generated as BEP20 based token. But if we think there's a big threat to the current chain, we can move to another chain ecosystem.

  • Tax-related risk Cryptocurrency is closely watched by several governments at the moment, and it is subject to regulation and investigation. If you are planning to purchase $KID, we recommend that you meet an accountant who can handle tax-related issues. The token distributor does not state about tax from the purchase and holding of $KID.

  • Risk from Binance Network KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR operates on the Binance network, and the governance token $KID also exists on the Binance network. As a result, problems such as malfunction, breakdown, down, or disuse of the Binance network can have a significant effect on $KID and KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR.

  • Risk from third parties KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR's governance token, $KID, is an asset based on blockchain technology. Unexpected issues such as attacks, hacking, and unauthorized access to the private key of the wallet where $KID is stored can occur. The distributor is not responsible for these external attacks.

  • Unsure loss-related risk Losses and risks to $KID are not protected unless you have personal insurance. There is no insurance that the distributor takes if the token itself or its value is lost.

  • Lack of funds Service of KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR may delay or stop due to risks such as the lack of funds and uncertain commercial success forecast.

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