Heroes NFT

1st NFT of KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR, fostered and Minted heroes by players

KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR is a game that combines more than 300 heroes of the Three Kingdoms with players' decks to participate in battles. Players can mint Heroes NFT grew up with affection directly in the game and can own, and trade freely in the marketplace. In addition, each NFT will obtain additional stats at random when minting. Heroes have a rarity and ★ level, and depending on the type of NFT, they are divided into Origin Heroes NFT and Standard Heroes NFT. Players can get more rewards when playing PVE and PVP content with a strategic deck with Heroes NFT. Ultimately, players can build stronger decks with Heroes NFT, giving players more chances to get 'Diamond', an in-game good for $KID.

[Minting Conditions]

  • The first minting time is available after Monarch Lv.40

  • Base 4★↑ Hero can be minted

▶ Minting is possible immediately by clicking the 'Minting' button in the game.

▶ Heroes NFT minted in-game can trade in the marketplace immediately after sealing.

▶ Heroes NFT minted in-game can get additional benefits such as increasing basic ability

and resource acquisition, and special battle ability through the NFT exclusive growth system,

Mastery System, which allows each NFT to be differentiated even if it is the same Heroes.

-Issuing wayCostumeSkill & EffectAbility

Heroes NFT

Issuing users when conditions are achieved

Standard Costume

Standard Skill

Standard Ability + Mastery Ability

Origin Heroes NFT

Issuing users when conditions are achieved

Special Costume

Special Skill + Special Effect

Standard Ability + Additional Ability + Mastery Ability

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