Dispelling Myths and Shaping Innovation

Blockchain games rose to prominence in late 2020, but the wheels had already been in motion since 2017 with the release and growth of Crypto Kitties. The following months saw Gamefi, Play-to-earn, and the metaverse gain unprecedented attention. Such attention bred intensive decisiveness, with most spectators being separated into two camps. Those who perceived its untapped potential and those who would ultimately be proven right about its exploitation potential.

We, however, watched, waiting for the dust to settle, all the while researching, analyzing, and creating the best inclusive gaming experience that was lacking in the greater P2E ecosystem.

We're born with a mission to solve the core problem in Web3, adoption by Web2 users. We're looking beyond players, opening realms of possibility for anyone to enter Web3 Gaming.

In the Web3 game market, we found major problems. Terms like P2E failed to bring existing Web2 users to the Web3 market, missing the fun factor of the game as they focused on earning. Accordingly, Web3 games suffer from a small user pool. In addition, the user experience is still uncomfortable for the existing Web2 gamers due to the use of wallet or token purchases. Accessibility issues isolate those who are unfamiliar with the existing environment. And also, due to the lack of education on blockchain, the barriers to entry to Web3 are still high, which makes it difficult to onboard Web2 users to Web3 games.

Kingdom Story is already proven successful with more than 7 years of global service and more than 5 million downloads on Web2. KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR is a strategic NFT collecting RPG designed by combining Web3 technology with Kingdom Story. Heroes War team has well known the trait of Web2 users better than anyone else through our user experience in Web2, which means that we can build a UX that allows Web2 users to access Web3 games more easily and makes a natural onboarding way to Web3. In addition, we will create a space to educate each other in the community with harmony between Web2 and Web3 users beyond onboarding.

The Heroes War team has been considering ways to make a more fun and well-balanced collecting RPG during the service on Web2. And also, departing from the Gacha system depending on probability and luck, we are looking to present a new direction for Web3 games as an advanced collecting RPG that strategically develops, owns, and trades Heroes.

Therefore, we would like to ‘redefine’ P2E as P2E+, turning ‘Earn’ into ‘Enjoy’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Explore’. We would like to focus on the game itself rather than the element of earning. Based on the fun of the game, we will introduce blockchain elements ‘Trade, Own, Govern’.

Drawing on 20 years of knowledge of player needs, we partnered with Unopnd (Hashed Studios) to develop a future-proof strategy so we are creating a player-first blockchain game that is accessible, easy, and enjoyable.

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