Our Vision

Redefining P2E: A New Era of P2E+!

Our mission is to usher in Play2.0 with an ethos focusing on player-first game development. To dissolve the divide between player and creator to foster one-of-a-kind player-influenced worlds.

We would like to focus on enthusiastic users who truly enjoy the game and make the game with more stable services, actively accepting feedback from users. Therefore, we will be holding Beta Service {CBT (Close Beta Test) + Alpha Launch (Open Beta Service)}to demonstrate Heroes War's game quality and present high satisfaction to players. We will first place a well-made game on the market through Beta Service, and then distribute Heroes War tokens to lead the project more stably, unlike other projects in which they distribute tokens and proceed only with expectations while the value of the service has not been proven. And also, through Beta Service, we will create a long-lasting Web3 ecosystem of Heroes War, and build a mature game service with users together at the same time satisfying the NFT and token holders.

We are aiming to build a stable Web3 ecosystem that connects games, tokens, and markets through Beta Services. Beta tokens that will create a beta ecosystem can be acquired by swapping sapphire at the in-game exchange. Players can earn revenue by minting the Heroes NFTs they have grown through gameplay, and trading in a marketplace. The beta tokens will be airdropped from community, events, and quest platforms, and those will be used for Heroes NFT trading in the marketplace. The beta tokens will be a measure of governance token exchange along with game ecosystem contributions when the governance tokens are distributed in the future. (The beta token is a non-transferable token that is only available at the in-game exchange and marketplace. Unavailable transactions between users) We will update to governance token and lunch the grand service when we are ready to organize governance with enough testing and community feedback during the beta service. We're looking for the best exchange to secure a stable liquidity supply for governance tokens. In addition, we will give a certain amount of governance tokens to all players who participate in the process.

In other words, our top goal is to stabilize the web3 economic structure through beta services and to build governance of KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR, where players' rights and efforts can be guaranteed by stable token distribution.

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