Heroes can basically level up through battles. In addition, players can get the EXP of heroes through EXP Up (Ancient Hall) and Medicine (Medicine Shop).


Heroes can 5 times upgrade after reaching the maximum level for each grade of hero. Through Upgrade, players can increase heroes' stats. The higher heroes’ grades, the faster their stats are increased.

Upgrade requires 1 hero as a material, and if players use the same grade of a hero as the target hero as a material, it succeeds in Upgrade with a 100% probability. If players use a hero of a lower grade than the target hero, the probability of Upgrade success is reduced by half.

Rank Up

Rank Up can only be made at the +5 Upgrade after the hero has reached its maximum level by grade. Each hero can be ranked up to 3 times. For example, 1★ hero can be ranked up to 4★, and 4★ hero can be ranked up to 7★. After the Rank Up, the hero will grow from level 1.

Players need 4 heroes of the same grade as the target hero for Rank Up. When the hero is ranked up, its stats increase significantly.


Awakening uses Yu Ji's Reserve or Yu Ji’s Tokens are required. More than 3★ heroes can be awakened to 99 levels.

The higher the level of awakening, the heroes will more receive an additional bonus of attack and HP. Awakening levels are permanent and will not be initialized when EXP Up/Upgrade/Rank Up.


Ascend is the final stage of Heroes' growth. Heroes who succeed in Ascend, are increased their basic abilities of force, intellect, and leadership.

And also, ability per level is increased twice as much as before Ascend when EXP-Up is proceeding, the maximum skill is expanded, and the new card background and battle icon colors are available. Ascend can be done up to +5. Each Ascend significantly increases the basic abilities, and the hero max level is expanded by +5 to eventually grow to Lv.100.

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