The campaign is based on the original Three Kingdoms story. The campaign consists of two modes: Normal and Elite. Various rewards can be acquired when cleared stages. In elite mode, more powerful enemies appear than in normal mode, and more rewards and Officer Medal(can get heroes).

World Domination

World Domination is the territorial war mode that occupies more than 60 castles, the main base of the Three Kingdoms. Each castle can be taken away by various obstacles, such as invaders and thieves, or retaken through negotiations and re-invasion.

Boss Battle

Boss Battle is the content where a huge boss's dungeon is held on each day of the week. Players can get a daily reward if defeat a strong boss.


Crusade is the content of the suppression war that leaves following the emperor's order to put down a rebellion. Each time players defeat a rebellion, can get a reward.

Alliance Battle

Alliance Battle is the content where players combine with each other to defeat numerous enemies and get rewards. As the battle with the superior enemy progresses, more and more powerful enemies appear, and each mode is held on a different day of the week.

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